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Best Gift Ideas for CrossFit Fanatics and Iron-pumping Gym Rats

Barbell with ribbon


And you thought picking out a present for Aunt Norma was going to be hard…

Let’s face it – gift shopping is hard and gym-goers don’t exactly make it easy. Standing in line at the shops with bags full of presents that you know your relatives will love is one thing. But working your socks off trying to get your spotter that perfect end-of-season present only to see him trying to hide his disappointment afterwards…that’s just not right.

You’ll probably find dozens of articles on the web with tens if not hundreds of suggestions. Unfortunately, most of those suggestions are expensive, rarely practical or in some cases a bit weird. 

We’ve decided to keep it simple.

Here are 5 awesome gift ideas for your fellow workout fanatics:


  • 1. High-Quality Jump Rope. And don’t start knocking it before you’ve tried it. Almost universally (and wrongfully) hated by both powerlifting and bodybuilding communities, in reality, jump ropes are an awesome addition to your gym bag. From fun and light warmup sessions to killer, cardio-intensive fat burning routines, jump ropes do it all.

    Check out this awesome one from WOD Nation. It’s extremely durable, comes with spare parts AND a free workout manual.
WOD Nation Jump Rope


  • 2. Sturdy Foam Roller. When it comes to muscle massaging & deep-tissue triggering, nothing comes close to foam rollers. Great for powerlifting nuts, calisthenics gurus and even overworked housewives with sore muscles.

    We actually have a high-quality foam roller right here on our website. It features 100% EVA material, can hold up to 500lbs. with ease and is a cheaper alternative to expensive body massages.Get yours here !
Nordic Lifting Foam Roller


  • 3. Shaker bottle. Yeah he or she’s got one, perhaps even a couple. But trust me, if you don’t clean those bad boys in time, they take days to properly rinse out. Sometimes it’s easier to just grab a fresh bottle and let the old one properly soak. Not to mention the fact that it’s always nicer to use a brand new piece of equipment. And it’s not a particularly expensive gift either.

    These ones on are great – they’re cheap, you’ve got dozens of colors to choose from and they’ve got almost 20 thousand reviews – more than enough to make up your mind! In fact, grab several, at only $8 per unit you can set up all of your friends with one.

Blender Bottle


  • 4. Adjustable dumbbell set. Full disclosure – while this is an absolutely amazing gift for someone who you truly respect and admire, it’s important to find out if the person has a set at home. It isn’t the cheapest gift out there and it would be a shame to throw your money away.

    That being said, it’s an awesome gift that will allow the recipient to workout at home whenever he likes. Trust me, he’ll thank you more than once for this one. When selecting the right set of adjustable dumbbells, we recommend keeping it simple and sticking to the classics. This set of cast iron plates with a chrome handle will serve the user for life and they don’t have any cheap plastic parts that are prone to breaking.

Adjustable dumbbell set


  • 5. Knee sleeves. Every real squatter knows that if you squat hard and push yourself to the limit, chances are, you might get sore knees, especially if you're not wearing any knee support sleeve. Why not surprise your gym buddy and buy him a pair of crossfit knee sleeves for the holidays, especially if he’s never used one before. Squat sleeves increase blood flow to the knee joints and provide a warming effect – absolutely perfect for leg day at the gym.

    Here at, we sell an awesome pair of 7mm Neoprene Knee sleeves, and they even come in several different colors. Just make sure to get the right size variation – there’s no use in sleeves if you can’t slide them on!

Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves


So this year, instead of getting your fellow deep-squatting, record-busting gym fanatics lifting themed trinkets and goofy presents, show them how much you support them. Buy them a useful & thoughtful gift that they can use to shatter their personal bests. They’ll be thinking of you every step of the way.

*Didn’t like any of the suggestions? Take a glance at our store, perhaps you’ll find a more suitable present in there!

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