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10 Key Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

How can kettlebell swings benefit you? Read on to find out the benefits of kettlebell swings and how they can help you with your physical fitness goals.

There are a variety of kettlebell exercises available that you can choose from according to your needs and preferences. Each kind of exercise is uniquely beneficial and is designed to meet your fitness needs. 

Kettlebell swings are the most famous and most beneficial of the available exercises you can do with your kettlebells. 

For you to be able to master kettlebell swings, you need to have lots of practice and training, but once you master it, you will be able to get a wide variety of benefits from it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why kettlebell swings were able to capture the hearts of many and why you need to try this workout soon. 

A bodybuilder does pushups using kettlebells 

What Kettlebell Swings Can Do to Your Body?

1. It provides you with a full-body workout.

One full session of kettlebell swings can hit every part of your body. This exercise typically involves swinging and movement in the lower part of your body and strengthens your upper body as well. It also helps in strengthening your posterior lower back, mid-back, upper back, shoulders, ribs, and lats. Your whole-body benefits from kettlebell swings. It works for all major muscle groups at once, and you can achieve amazing results in no time. 

2. To help build and tone your muscles,

Doing kettlebell swings can benefit you in many ways. This fitness equipment works for all major muscle groups all at once. Just like barbells, kettlebell swings allow you to use a lot of energy and help you get into good physical shape in no time. It can work over 600 muscles with just a single movement.  

3. It combines your strength and cardio training.

One major benefit of doing kettlebell swings is that you can get combined strength and cardio training by doing a single workout. Kettlebell swings are a form of strength training that allows your body and muscles will be stronger in such a short period of time. Aside from body strengthening and conditioning, it also increases your endurance. 

4. It helps with your weight loss as it burns calories. 

Kettlebell swings require a lot of energy as they use a lot of your muscles. By doing this, it allows you to burn fat and calories, which aids in your weight loss journey.

5. It improves your health.

Kettlebell swings not only serve as excellent training for your muscles, but it is also a good workout for your heart and lungs as it can be a challenging exercise for it increases your heart and breathing rate. It also aids in improving your mental resilience. This workout also helps with diabetes control, preventing high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and other cardiovascular diseases. 

6. It provides you with greater stability and better posture.

Kettlebell swings require a good balance to prevent you from pulling off your feet as you do the swing movements. This exercise also improves your dynamic leg balance and core stability. This exercise allows you to have greater core strength and also allows you to improve your balance. As it activates your entire posterior chain, it evens out your frontal and rear muscles.

7. It provides you with a stronger posterior chain.

Kettlebell swings allow you to develop and improve your entire posterior chain. Your posterior chain is the group of muscles that make up the back of your body. The ability to do the swings properly can strengthen your back, stretch it out and relieve any back pain. If you are looking for a training workout that will strengthen your back but have some hesitations due to prior back conditions, then this workout is for you. It will help in decreasing your musculoskeletal and back pain.

8. It improves your athleticism.

Doing kettlebell swings allows you to have a total power move that can improve your explosive strength. It will also aid you in improving your deadlift performance. 

9. It enhances your flexibility and mobility.

Kettlebell swings help you get bendy. As you swing and as you thrust, it allows you to open up your hips, strengthen your back, and elongate your spine, allowing you to be more flexible. 

10. It offers you convenience, safety, and versatility.

This workout allows you to do a variety of exercises using the kettlebell. Compared to other training exercises, it is much safer and more versatile and can pump your heart up without straining your joints. If you are dealing with some injuries, kettlebell swings allow you to do low-impact strength training. You don’t need to undergo extensive training or expert training to do kettlebell wings. Kettlebells also offer lower loads and are much safer to use.

A group of bodybuilders in their sportswear are lifting kettlebells

How To Do Kettlebell Swings?

Being able to do the kettlebell swings is not enough. You have to do the workout properly to achieve the maximum benefits of kettlebell swings.

  1. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width
  2. Using both of your hands, hold the kettlebell in front of your body.
  3. Look straight ahead.
  4. Keep your shoulders retracted and your back straight.
  5. Start holding your kettlebell bells and putting them between your legs.
  6. As you squeeze your glutes, shoot your hips forward while extending your legs to raise the kettlebell.
  7. The kettlebell should rise up to your shoulder level and make it float in the air for a second.
  8. Guide the kettle back down with your arms extended and bring it through your legs until you can absorb the force with your hips.
  9. Repeat the steps.

Safety Tips

  • Do not swing your kettlebells too high or too low. It should always be shoulder height or below.
  • Power your swings using your legs and your hips, and not with your arms. Remember, it's all in your hips. 
  • Always keep your core tight and do not lean back to prevent your lower back from straining. 

Key Takeaways

What are kettlebell swings good for? Kettlebell swings are good for your muscles, back, core, posture, balance, cardio, lower and upper body. 

What you have to do now is find a kettlebell that was built to last, because this little piece of equipment can do great wonders for your body.

I hope I was able to provide you with the benefits of kettlebell swings. Did I miss anything? We want to hear from you. Feel free to comment down below.
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