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Be Your Own Superhero! Follow These Great Fitness Tips

Women's fitness and nutrition approaches have always been a little different than men, focusing mostly on numerous diets, cleansing and even absurd fitness advice thanks to over-hyped media and magazines. More often, we also get unsolicited opinions on how to lose weight by eating less, or by trying out this "effective" slimming product.

But with the popularity of superhero movies, and with badass females leading the big screens (hello Gal Gadot and Brie Larson), a reality has also struck us that women can get powerful not just from their looks and figure but from strength.

And today, we'll share with you a more positive approach to help you become the hero that you deserve to be:

Break Free from Strength Limitations

There's always a negative notion on us women deadlifting loaded barbells. We usually impose that it’s something that we can't do and that we shouldn't even think of having such a goal. But these self-imposed limitations are not real, and you have to break free of these stereotypes that we cannot become strong.

Become strong means that you wouldn’t back down on anything and would welcome challenges just to prove that you can do it.

Eat Real Food

Don't be fooled by these products claiming to have slimming effects, but are actually harmful to your body. There’s no easy way when it comes to fitness, so choose to eat real and healthy foods instead. There are plenty of all-natural and delicious foods that are healthy, so make sure to eat the ones you like instead of forcing yourself to indulge on things that you don't like to eat.

Your diet should consist of red meat, fish and seafood, poultry, veggies, fruit, dairy, herbs, spices, beans, and legumes.

Unlock Your Body's Potential

Instead of focusing on how you can change your body, you should now challenge your body and see what it can do by constantly improving your physical performance. Yes, it's good to lose weight, sculpt your muscles, but when you challenge your body, you get to unlock plenty of benefits and new potentials. Did you know that for her role in Captain Marvel, Brie Larson had to do heavy lifting and other skill-based training to be able to do her stunts and fight scenes?

So, don't just limit yourself on losing weight or getting abs, but continue achieving and building true functional strength.

Remind Yourself That Your Awesome

Self-assurance is vital all throughout your fitness journey. Whether you’re just starting to workout or you’ve already succeeded on your goals, you are already awesome. You got this, and we can’t wait to see your progress!

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