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3 Best Workout Routine for Women-on-the-Go

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“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.” -Elizabeth Edwards

In connection with the International Women’s Month being celebrated this March, Nordic Lifting would also like to celebrate the beauty and hardship of every working woman as she tries to achieve her dreams and inspiration while also ensuring work+life balance. As a busy woman, we know the struggle that she must go through to squeeze everything in her rigid schedule, including exercising. 

Today’s article is about 3 of the best workout routines that can easily fit a working woman’s demanding schedule since they can be done at any time of the day. Here’s everything that you need to know:

Wood Chopper

Equipment Needed: 1 dumbbell

How to do it: Using one dumbbell (or kettlebell), stand with your feet hip-width apart, your weight, on your left leg. Start by holding your dumbbell using both hands up by your left shoulder. Then make a chopping motion like twisting the body towards the right hip. Allow the knees and feet to pivot when twisting the body. Do 15 reps on each side.

Reverse Lunge

a girl doing reverse lunge

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell

Start with your feet hip-width apart. Take a long step back, your knees making two 90-degree angles at the bottom. With your forward leg, pull yourself back up. Start without dumbbells and advance using dumbbells in either back squat or front squat position.

Power 20-Minute Routine

And last, but not the least, this jam-packed workout routine for only 20 minutes and was recommended by Sylvia Borowska - NYSC personal trainer. Simply do each of these basic strength moves for 1 minute. Aim to complete each move as many reps are you can for the whole 60 seconds. The entire routine can be done in 10 minutes, so do this twice to complete the total-body circuit.      

Squats - Do it for 2 minutes. 

Single-leg squat - Execute for 2 minutes

Tricep dips - Do for 2 minute

Push-ups - Do this routine for 2 minute

Mountain Climbers - Continue alternating sides for 2 minutes

All these three workout routines can be squeezed right after waking up or even during lunch breaks. Continue pursuing your calling, girl, and we’ll be the one to help you keep fit!

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