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Frequently Asked Questions

What are "knee sleeves"?

Knee sleeves are flexible cloth materials made from neoprene that are worn over the knee. They give your knees support and comfort during workouts and other sports. Knee sleeves give knee compression that enhances blood flow, thus reducing pain and swelling after workouts. The compression provided by a knee sleeve should not, however, restrict movement in any manner. If a person has suffered a slight injury, these sleeves can come in handy. Click here for more details

How do knee sleeves work?

Knee sleeves provide joint compression and support, as well as reduce swelling and strain on the knees, preventing damage while lifting and participating in high-impact sports. This reduces discomfort and swelling during and after a workout. Knee sleeves also aid in stabilizing and supporting weak or injured knees, as well as knees involved in sports activities that put stress on the knees. Click here for more details