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The Importance of a Swolemate



Have you ever come across this term?  If you love browsing on your social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there's a great chance that you did see this hashtag being used by celebrities or even your friends. On Instagram alone, it has 870K posts!

So, what is a swolemate and why is it a trending topic on any social media platform? 

Well, it's basically just a trendy name for a fitness partner. A word play between swole (slang for super muscular) and soulmate. And while they usually refer to couples in a romantic relationship working out together, it could also be used on besties and buddies who love to break personal fitness records together.

And now, let's go back to the main question, why do we need a fitness swolemate? We'll give you three reasons why:

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They Keep You On Track

One of the best reasons why having a workout partner is vital is because they will motivate you to strive and keep going. 

We all know that there are days when we just want to skip gym time and just idle longer in bed, but with a gym buddy, you definitely get extra motivated to not skip the gym. After all, nobody likes getting stood up, that includes planned gym session with your friend, or a swolemate date! 

With someone holding you accountable and with someone to help you keep on track on your fitness goals, you’ll definitely achieve them in no time.


Friendly Matches = Performance Enhanced

Having a gym buddy makes you more competitive. And with our competitive nature being fuel, we can't help but have friendly matches between your gym buddy. This can, of course, motivate you to aim for more reps, try new sets, and break PRs.

Additionally, it has been proven by a cycling study that biking with someone who loved exercising tend to work out harder than those than who ride beside an exercise hater. In other words, having a partner also motivates you to exercise harder and longer. 

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It Strengthens the Relationship 

Working out together can definitely be considered as a fun activity to strengthen the relationship with your partner or friend. You get to spend time with your partner, help build good habits, and encourage each other to value good health by pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Gym swolemate, fitness support, exercise partner, workout buddy –  whatever we call them – we know for a fact that we need them. So, the next time you hit the gym, call a friend or your significant other and encourage them to join you!

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