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When is Bulking Season? Here Are All The Answers to Your Questions!


As an avid gymgoer and fitness enthusiast, you've probably heard a million times about the importance of bulking. Well, lucky you!

However, for us beginners, there are still plenty of things that we need to figure out. And that's why today, we've compiled some FAQs about bulking, including tips that you will help you succeed in your bulk-up journey.

So, buckle up and learn everything you need to know about bulking.

First things first.

What is bulking?

Bulking is a dietary strategy devised by weightlifters that refers to the deliberate act of gaining weight, accomplished by consuming more calories than the total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).

Why is it important?

The primary goal of bulking is to build muscle. Exercising is simply not enough for weightlifters to gain muscle. For the muscles to grow, you have to provide your body with excess calories.

A bulking workout program is followed by the cutting out phase.

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When is the bulking season?

There's really no exact date for bulking up; you can do it anytime you want. However, weightlifters and powerlifters are known to do their bulk-up programs when they do not have competitions to attend. This is called “off-season” and they consider it as the perfect time to bulk up since they don’t need to show-off their six-pack abs.  

Others do it during the winter season. Why? Because with all the layers of clothes that you wear, no one will notice your gains. But again, it's really up to you.

How long should I bulk up?

The answer to this question also depends on how much weight you want to gain. It may take weeks or months before you can bulk up and reach your weight goal and then proceed to the cutting phase. The type of bulking diet that you choose also affects the duration of your bulk up journey. For instance, if you are planning to gain at least 15 pounds, you will need at least 3 to 4 months of clean eating.

And now, here are some essential types that you also need to know in order to have an effective bulking season:


1. Choose Natural and Whole Foods

Just because your goal is gaining weight, doesn't instantly mean that you can eat everything that you want. You have to still be conscious of the food that you are eating. And of course, natural and whole foods are still the best sources for adding body mass.

Instead of gorging on junk food, your bodybuilding bulking diet should consist of healthy foods for your meals such as chicken for your protein and rice or potatoes for your carbs. While it’s okay to have a pizza or burger once in a while, don’t rely on them to achieve your weight goals.


 2. Don’t Bulk Up for Too Long

The longer you bulk, the fatter you'll get –  that's a fact. So, make sure that you stick with your bulking plans and don't prolong it or else, you will have a hard time shedding off all the weight you've gained during the cutting phase.


3. Don’t Cut Off Cardio

It may seem like a waste of effort to continue doing cardio while you aim to gain weight, but it's actually a bad move to totally cut out cardio during bulking season.

Just so you know, doing cardio can allow you to stay leaner while increasing calories. And not just that, it will also keep your heart in good shape. So yes, cardio while bulking is important, therefore, don’t ever think of skipping it.

We hope all your questions are answered. If not, check our blogs for more interesting information about bulking and bodybuilding in general.

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