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Slam Ball vs. Wall Ball | What's The Difference?

Workout balls are frequently used in CrossFit exercises by gym-goers. These balls are versatile, and they're widely used and integrate the elements of fitness such as strength, balance, and flexibility. Wall balls and Slam balls are the most popular types of exercise balls. A person who frequently visits a CrossFit gym can easily distinguish the similarities and the differences between these two. However, for a newbie, differentiating these two can be somehow challenging. If you've been wondering how each ball fits your unique workout situation, read along.

Wallball - This is a soft workout ball that has heavy-duty reinforced seams that secure the iron sand inside. Its multiple layers - PVC, Glass Fiber Layer, and PU Foam Liner - are all stitched at 1000lbs seam strength. As the name suggests, wall balls are used in throwing exercises but should only be thrown at a wall. Wall balls are used in high-intensity workouts and can also be used to increase the difficulty level of core exercises. Some of the activities that incorporate a wall ball include side throws, crunch throws, and overhead wall tosses.

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Wall balls have been designed to absorb impact and are usually larger than the slam ball. The ball comes in multiple weight options ranging from 4 pounds to 40 pounds. Not only that, but it also varies in size. You can select the perfect ball size depending on your workout intensity and fitness levels.

Slamball - This weighted ball has iron sand filling inside combined with a heavy-duty rubber shell exterior. Slam balls are heavier and more durable than wall balls and are designed to be thrown on the ground. Being solid balls, slam balls have little if any rebound, hence, making them efficient for workouts. Its tough interior and exterior are designed to absorb high impact from all the throwing and slamming that it will go through during high-intensity training. Regarding weight, the ball ranges from 5 - 50 lbs to fit your fitness needs. Some of the most popular activities that utilize slam balls are squat jump with a throw, depth-push ups, side toss, slamball snatch, and slam ball burpees. The purpose of incorporating slam balls into a workout of an athlete is to improve a person's cardiovascular fitness along with their overall strength. 

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Thinking about which of these two workout balls should you choose?

If you are looking for a workout ball that is more durable and can be used in activities with throwing on hard surfaces, then you should go for a slam ball. 

On the other hand, if you are into exercises that involve throwing, catching, rebounding, or partner work, then your choice should be the wall ball as it has soft padding constructed with a non-slip texture so you can have an easy-grip over the ball and keep a hold of it during your exercises. 

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