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Red Wine After Workout - Yay or Nay?


You’ve probably heard a lot of rumors and speculations about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking red wine - some of it might be true, some aren’t.  But on an exercise perspective, is it really worth it to drink a glass after working out? Keep reading this article to find out. 

Red wine is good for you!  

There’s always a reason why we do the things that we do. There are people who drink red wine because they love its taste but then others do it because of the benefits they’ll get from it or how incredible it makes them feel. 

According to a study featured in Science Daily, an antioxidant in red wine called “resveratrol” offers a lot of advantages. One of its awesome benefits is it actually helps improve one’s physical performance. 

This is great news especially for gym buffs, weightlifters and bodybuilding enthusiasts because this particular study revealed that drinking red wine can increase muscle strength and who doesn’t want to get stronger, right? Knowing this information will make you look forward to that post-workout wine drink every single time because you know it can give you the additional strength that you need, and make your gym efforts pay off even more. 

Another positive thing worth mentioning is how it helps slow muscle deterioration. A French study revealed the effect of resveratrol supplementation and found out that the group who didn’t receive resveratrol showed signs of not just loss of bone mineral density but also resistance to breakage and decrease muscle mass and strength. Aside from that, this particular control group also showed signs of insulin resistance development. Those part of the resveratrol group actually had none of the problems that the other group experienced which goes to show that this antioxidant found in red wine has a lot of positive things to offer. 

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Exercise in a glass

There’s another study in Canada that showed promising results about resveratrol. Researchers of the said study explained that this powerful antioxidant can actually help increase the wonderful benefits of high-intensity interval training workouts and other short bursts of exercise. 

Aside from getting more out of your HIIT workouts, the promising effects of resveratrol are said to be similar to the benefits of people doing extensive endurance exercise training. So if the time comes and you’re not in the mood to exercise your ass off then you know what to do! But wait!

Even though resveratrol is capable of mimicking exercise, it doesn’t mean that you should completely rely on it and remove exercise from your to-do list. It would still be highly beneficial to at least get a moderate amount of exercise every day if you can.

When it comes down to it, drinking red wine after your workouts is definitely a YAY!  You already know that exercise alone can offer a lot of benefits but if you add resveratrol into the mix then you’ll reap more benefits.

If you're just like me and you don't want to miss out on all the goodness that red wine has to offer then don’t even dare miss your dose of resveratrol by drinking a glass of red wine from here on out;)



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