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Post-Workout Foods That Also Boost The Body’s Immunity


It's a known fact that during a series of heavy training, our body's immunity system can go down, and so, with every workout completed, it's vital to eat foods that can help boost your immunity. With today's article, we want to share with you some awesome post-workout foods that you can enjoy after a tiring workout not just because they help replenish your energy, but because they also boost your immune system. Here they are:

Sweet Potato

sweet potato

While a lot may avoid carbs during post-workout recovery, studies show that carbs such as sweet potatoes are ideal to eat after training or exercising. According to a report from the Journal of Applied Physiology, consuming carb-rich foods like grains and potatoes can help lessen the drop of your body’s immune system, which often occurs after doing an intense workout.

But it’s carbs, you say! Well, you don’t have to worry about a thing before the carbs consumed after exercising are more likely to be used as energy, not as stored fat.

nordic lifting elbow sleeve

Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds

Who doesn't enjoy munching pumpkin seeds, right? But aside from being a fun snack, did you know that pumpkin seeds are a good source of both branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), zinc, and iron? All of which are vital for immune function while also supporting recovery. Zinc is known to help repair, building, and growth of muscle tissue. 

Additionally, pumpkin seeds contain pepitas that have anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. 

Whey Protein

whey protein

Protein shakes are a must after workouts, but if you're looking for something that won't just replenish your depleted energy but also boost your immunity, then consider choosing whey protein. 

As we all know, whey is an energy-restoring and fat-torching protein. When ingested after exercising, whey produces insulin spike and this encourages muscle to replenish energy stores while also absorbing glucose. And not just that, whey protein is also rich in lactoferrin which gives the immune system a boost.

Greek Yogurt  

greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is the perfect treat after a long and strenuous workout. But aside from being the best comfort food, it’s also known to stimulate the body’s immune system to help fight diseases. It’s rich in high-quality carbohydrates and protein, helping you recover after your workout session especially when paired with fruits.

But it would be better if you choose plain Greek yogurt instead of pre-flavored ones that are loaded with sugar. Also, make sure to check printed labels and look for yogurts that have "live and active cultures." 

With the current health crisis that the entire world is facing today, healthcare professionals are recommending for us to keep healthy and strong while staying at home and closely following the government-regulated home quarantine. Although there is currently no vaccine to boost our immune system and prevent COVID-19, the least that we can do is to keep our immune system — and our body — healthy to give it the best chance of fighting an infection.

So, while we stay at home, it's important to continue exercising and ensuring that our immunity is strong. Stay safe, everyone!    

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