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Fitness and Friendship Unite: 5 Awesome Workouts for International Friendship Day

What better way to strengthen your relationships than by working out while doing fun things together? So, call your friends, plan the best day for fitness and fun, and bond together for a healthy life and lifelong friendships. 

International Friendship Day 2023 is a day dedicated to embracing global relationships between friends. This is to encourage everyone to set out on an adventure of fun, healthy living with their friends on this special occasion.     

Group of four friends doing high five before wotking out

Friendship Day: Good Reasons to Celebrate

The International Day of Friendship was established by the United Nations General Assembly on July 30. This is the day to take a moment to reflect and express gratitude for the friendships that exist all around the world because they bring happiness and comfort in times of need. 

Even in disagreements, people tend to discover common ground and ought to stay together despite differences in appearance, mindsets, interests, music, and other things. Friendship is more important than that, and every July, the UN seeks to promote kindness and solidarity.

Benefits of Working Out with Friends     

When you're ready to start your fitness journey and extremely enthusiastic about working out, you may lose motivation when you get there. Friendships are for motivating you and bringing out your best qualities so you may reach your health goals.  

Here are some perks of working out with your friends: 

You’re more likely to be committed.

When you make a workout plan with your buddies, chances are you will be obliged to go, right?  It could seem like a demanding workout at first, but you know it will be worth it when your efforts are rewarded. Your friends will be there to give you any extra encouragement you may need.

Higher chance that you will succeed. 

Having a workout buddy can boost enthusiasm and enjoyment while encouraging commitment. They may support you and acknowledge your accomplishments, making your journey toward your fitness objectives more pleasant. 

You may share each other's workout tips.

“Two is better than one,” as the expression goes. Working out with friends gives you the opportunity to share advice and improve each other's routines. They may have the best warm up routine you haven't tried yet, or you can share your diet tip with them in return. 

The secret to staying with your fitness program is diversity. You're going to find greater enjoyment and fewer reasons for not showing up.

A friend cheering his best buddy while working out

Workouts You Can Do with Your Best Buddies 

Now call your friend and take them with you on your fitness journey together! 

These workout exercises are better when you have company or a partner. 

Squat with Rotational Pass 

Gym Tool: Medicine Ball

  1. Stand back to back.
  2. Kneel down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and hold. 
  3. The medicine ball is held to Person A's chest.
  4. Person A then passes the ball to Person B on the left side while rotating their chest.
  5. In order for Person A to receive the ball again on their right side, Person B swiftly passes it to the left after rotating to the right to grab it.
  6. After 8 to 12 repetitions in one direction, swap.

Trunk Rotation

Gym Tool: 2 Resistance Bands 

  1. Holding the ends of a resistance band.
  2. Both of you should stand facing each other and wrap your arms around the other's waist.
  3. While maintaining proper posture, rotate your torso to the right and have your partner do the same so that you are both spinning in opposing directions.
  4. Both directions should be taken steadily. 
  5. After 12 to 15 repetitions, turn the other way.

Reach-and-Touch Plank

Gym Tool: None

  1. Begin on a raised plank, facing one another and separated by one foot.
  2. Lift your right hands; both partners reach for the other's opposite shoulder.
  3. Replacing the right hand, swiftly repeat the process on the left side.
  4. Repeat for 8-12 repetitions or 30 seconds as fast as you can.

Resistance Band Chest Press

Gym Tool: Resistance Band

  1. Person A supports the resistance band's loop behind their body while holding both ends. 
  2. Person B serves as the anchor, holding the loop while relocating until tension is created.
  3. Person A extends both hands out to the sides of the body while maintaining a 90-degree bend in the elbows, keeping the biceps, forearms, and elbows parallel to the ground. 
  4. You can take a modest lunge forward with your right foot to gain balance.
  5. Person A pushes forward while maintaining a strong core and a tiny bend in the right knee. 
  6. After completely extending both arms, Person A softly bends at the elbows to return to the initial position.
  7. Complete 8–12 repetitions, then swap positions.

Partner Floor Slams  

Gym Tool: Medical Ball or Slam Ball

  1. Stand a few feet apart from each other. 
  2. Hold a medicine ba ll high. 
  3. Person A first throws it to the ground, bouncing it once before it reaches Person B.
  4. In order to pass the ball to Person A, Person B receives it while maintaining core stability, lifts it overhead, and then tosses it back to the ground.
  5. Do 10–15 reps each.

Friends Workout Sessions: Tips and Tricks  

Working out with friends is the best way to stay inspired, have fun, and reach your fitness goals. 

Here are a few tips that will ensure that working out with your buddies will be fun and effective.

Set a common goal.

It is important that you collaborate to accomplish your common goals. By having a shared objective, both of you will know what to strive for and at what degree of intensity to work. You can train for specific events, lose weight, or build muscle. 

Plan workout sessions together. 

Just like when going out, you need to plan things ahead. Plan a practical workout schedule that works for everyone's time, date, and place. 

You should also plan what kind of workout you will do on a specific day—is it resistance training, weightlifting, or strength training? Make sure that each exercise will benefit everyone, and enjoy it. 

Be supportive and encouraging.    

Remember to be supportive, encouraging, and friendly. Create a safe environment that is open to criticism and new ideas that will be discussed within the group. 

You may all benefit from supporting one another to keep moving through setbacks and remain on track. Respect each other’s opinions and engage in healthy arguments, if there are any.

Share knowledge and expertise. 

Encourage one another to share information that can help the team and make them work better as a unit. 

Make sure your buddies get heard if they have any information, advice, or skills. Everyone will benefit from learning new things that they can use for themselves. 

Celebrate milestones. 

Celebrate when you reach milestones, because you all made it and you are one step closer to being fit while having fun with your best buddies.

Remember that friends are there to help lessen the workload because certain exercises can be demanding; this is the purpose of group workout classes. 

Key Takeaway     

Celebrating International Friendship Day will give you more opportunities to bond with your friends and be healthier together. Spend this special opportunity to have fun doing activities that strengthen your mental and physical health. 

Make the most of these chances to strengthen your bonds while putting your health before all else, whether that means going on a hike, trying a new group workout class, or just having worthwhile talks.

Happy International Friendship Day, and may your friendships be empowered from inside and out.  

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