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Couple Fell in Love With the Same Gym Girl and Become a Throuple


Happy Valentine’s Day fit fam!                  

Being in love is such an amazing feeling and finding that special someone who we vibe with is something that we all deserve. However, not everyone will stick to conventional relationships and there’s no problem with that at all. The heart wants what it wants and we can’t really help who we fall in love with just like the case of a stereotype-defying couple from Kennewick, Washington.


Leo Barillas (34) met her now-wife Mary (32) back when they were in high school. He was 17 and she was 15 at that time. They really hit it off so they started seeing each other until they decided to get married when Mary was 17. Their love blossomed as years go by, leading to the birth of their two kids, Carson (9) and Paige (4).


From left to right: Kim, Leo and Mary

Destiny played a role and has a fascinating way of romantically stirring things up for these two love birds when they met Kimberlee Slage (29) through their CrossFit gym business way back in 2015.


They became good friends with her and got the chance to interact with her more and more each day.


As they got the chance to know Kim even better, the couple started to see her in a different light. 


What used to be feelings of friendship turned into romantic attraction as time goes by.


The feeling is mutual so there’s no holding back and they followed their hearts by deciding to form a “throuple” with her in September 2016.

Leo with Mary (left) and Kim (right)  and their four children, Carson, Paige, Keagen and Kymper
9 months after that, Kim and her two kids, Keagen  (11) and Kymper (7), joined the Barillas’ in their home to take their three-way relationship up a notch.

They all have been living under the same roof and raising four kids together since June 2017. 


What’s interesting is that Leo and Mary fell in love with Kim at different times and for different reasons.


It goes to show that Leo and Mary do get on with each other really well to the point of having romantic feelings for the same girl.


No relationship is perfect and there are times when the throuple experience jealousy just like couples in a monogamous relationship. They resolve problems like this by making sure they communicate with each other. 


Their love story is such an inspiration, to be honest with ourselves, and to acknowledge our true feelings. We should be with whoever makes us happy and we shouldn’t be afraid to put ourselves out there in the name of love.

Sometimes we just have to follow our hearts just like what they did and not worry about what other people will say or think because doing so will allow us to live fulfilling and happier lives.

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