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Choosing the Right Ankle Weights: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Ankle Weights: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Ankle weights are popular for a lot of reasons. They're easy to use, they offer a wide range of benefits, and they are not just for the gym or when doing your regular workout routine.

Selena Gomez even wore them while enjoying her 4th of July at Disneyland! Talk about vacationing and working out at the same time.

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And if you are curious about the advantages of wearing ankle weights, then let me enumerate a few of them for you:

* Ankle weights help you burn more calories since they require the wearer to use more force when doing their exercise.

* Ankle weights tone the legs and muscle perfectly because they add resistance to any kind of workout. You exert more energy to do your leg exercises and eventually give you the shape you want.

*These fitness gears are also guaranteed to improve endurance in the long run. Try removing them after wearing them for several weeks and you'll instantly notice that you can workout and run longer without getting exhausted right away.

* As mentioned earlier, they can be used almost everywhere and you'll still reap the benefits of ankle weights. You can wear them when doing your household chores or when you take your dog to a walk. You can even use these gears when swimming! (Versatility on point!)

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Now that you’re aware of the amazing benefits that ankle weights have to offer, I’m pretty sure that you’re dying to put them to test. But with a lot of brands and sizes to choose from, we’re here to help you choose the right kind of ankle weights and the ideal workout activities for each of them.

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1 lb to 3 lb

These weights are the perfect choice for walking. They are not too heavy - which means that you don't have to worry about straining your muscles or joints or injuring yourself.

Apart from walking, these ankle weights are ideal for aerobics too. They maybe lightweight but eventually, you'll notice your strength and endurance improve.  Ace Fitness says that 1 to 3 lb ankle weights worn on each ankle is the most favorable for enhancing your exercise. They can already increase the calorie burn rate by 5 to 15 percent.

This set of ankle weights is the best choice for beginners too, especially if you are hitting the gym for the first time.

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4 lb to 5 lb

Once you’ve noticed that your endurance and resistance has improved and it’s way easier for you to do your fitness routine, then you can consider upgrading your weights. This set of weights is ideal for jogging and for leg exercises such as leg squats, leg curls, and leg extensions.

6 lb to 20 lb

Several ankle weight brands offer up to 20 lb of weights, but as suggested by fitness trainers and medical professionals, you should only use them if your muscles and bones have the strength to do so. Wearing heavier sets of ankle weights can cause injury when not properly used, so make sure to ask an expert first, if you want to use heavier ones.

Heavier weights are ideal for strength-training exercise but it is advised that you started with lighter weights and gradually increase it. Also, if you are using these gears, limit your sets to 3 with less than 10 repetitions.

What Brand To Trust?

We actually offer a pair versatile ankle/wrist weights with size options from 1 lb to 5 lb. They’re made with breathable materials and neoprene padding for added durability and comfort. And they also feature a large Velcro pad so you can easily adjust the weights and transform them into wrist weights (whichever you prefer).

Go and see for yourself how amazing ankle weights are!

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