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Bodybuilding For Teens - The Risk and Dangers


Bodybuilding is an effective way to train the body to maintain its strength and increase muscle mass. Research has shown that it also improves cognitive function, insulin and lipid levels among others. The number of benefits of bodybuilding are plenty so no wonder why a lot of teenagers are joining the bandwagon. Like any physical activity out there, bodybuilding also comes with potential harm and consequences. So what are the risk and dangers of bodybuilding for teens? Keep reading this article to find out. 


1. It can hinder their muscle growth  

The teenage years are the time where a lot of changes in a teen’s body are happening. This time can be a stressful period for them due to their raging hormones and bodybuilding will just stress their bodies and cause more imbalances. Lifting heavy weights can disrupt their system and cause additional problems that weren’t even there in the first place such as unwanted injuries and all that painful stuff. 

2. It restricts their diet 

Professional bodybuilders follow certain meal plans in order to maximize their gains and perform at their best. They eat/drink certain food/beverages at particular hours in order for them to fully optimize the protein or whatever carbs and fats they are ingesting.        

Following what their older peers are doing is not a good idea for teenagers since their bodies are still developing. This restriction can be too much to handle at times and can cause certain complications.

The teenage years are supposed to be a period where they need to be more concerned about whether or not they are getting all the important nutrients that they need during puberty instead of worrying whether or not they are consuming the right stuff at the right time.

3. They can abuse supplements

Teenagers can abuse supplements especially when they are left unsupervised. Their eagerness to see results faster will cause them to take more supplements than usual. Their curiosity to experiment taking a variety of diet supplements or even steroids in excessive amounts is very unsafe and can jeopardize their heart health, liver health, and other organs in the long run. This is why bodybuilding can be harmful to teenagers because of supplement abuse due to preconceived notions about how supplements and other performance-enhancing drugs work. 


The positive effects of bodybuilding aren’t only limited on the outside appearance of teenagers and those feel-good brain chemicals that can make them happier and more confident. It also helps with body composition improvement and mental sharpness to name a few. However, the positives can be outweighed by the negatives when teen bodybuilders are not looked after and supervised during their bodybuilding journey. 

nordic lifting battle rope

Nordic Lifting is all for safety which is why we want to spread the message out there about the dangers and risk of bodybuilding for teens.

If you guys happen to know teenagers who are into bodybuilding or someone who wants to give it a shot then it will be best to give them guidance or talk to someone like a parent or guardian, who can help them find a professional fitness coach/trainer. Getting professional assistance can go a long way so these teenagers can achieve age-appropriate workout goals and be assured that they are on the right track all the time.  

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