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3 Ways to Get You Working Out in the Morning

alarm clock and dumbbell


Let’s face it – getting up in the morning and dragging your sorry butt to the gym can be a pain for the best of us. If getting out of bed wasn’t hard enough, you have to force yourself to get out of the house, go all the way to the gym, do a full workout routine, shower, and so on. The simple thought of getting on a treadmill before 8 AM leaves you feeling, well, mostly like this




And after all of that, you STILL have a full day’s work ahead of you. While that is truly a scenario out of a horror flick for some, what if I told you that there are a number of steps you can take to turn an ordeal into the best damn morning you’ve had in a long time? And it won’t even require heavy investing or hours of preparation.



There are roughly a bazillion articles out there describing perfect ways of setting up an optimal sleep routine and achieving an optimal level of rest while feeling energized every morning. Some of my favorites include WikiHow as well as this intricate but very interesting read on – definitely give both of these a read as they are useful for more than just waking up to do some morning CrossFit. However, since there are so many sources on the subject, I’ll focus on 3 workout-specific tips that, if followed correctly, will get you pumping in no time:

  • No More Snoozing
    While frantically switching your alarm to snoozeis one of the best ways of treating yourself without even getting out of bed, it doesn’t fall in line with exercising at all. Put your alarm far away from your bed, make sure that it’s loud & motivational – Eye of the Tiger is a personal favorite. And for those of you that are convinced it’s impossible to achieve a snoozeless morning, there’s always the Alarm Clock On Wheels
  • Water & Lemon
    You’ve probably read this one a thousand times and yet you never got around to doing it. Well here’s the bottom line – water is good for you no matter the hour. It is an excellent follow-up to turning your alarm off. Imagine it as a safety measurement, preventing you from falling right back to bed. And if you don’t like lemon, a few thin slices of cucumber work just as well. Just make sure to set it up the night before as going to the kitchen at this sensitive time can prove to be too much of a challenge – you may just end up back in the sheets before you know it
  • Start with a Stretch
    It’s easy to tell yourself that since you’re already heading to the gym, stretching at home is a bit of a waste. Wrong! In fact, following the first 2 steps up with a quick stretch will make every following step a lot easier to handle, whether it’s making yourself a quick breakfast, getting dressed or getting yourself out of the house and into the gym. And I can guarantee that you won’t be feeling as drowsy when you start your session!



You’d be surprised to know just how many people get to the gym and just wing it. The beginner routines can only last you for so long and before you know it, you get to the stage where you end up at your gym without a clue of what to do. As bad as this is in the afternoon or evening, it gets even worse in the morning. Imagine going through all the struggles of waking up & getting ready only to find yourself standing there without any idea of where to begin.




The obvious and easiest solution to this is working out with a personal trainer. But this is not an option for everyone, many gyms don’t have personal trainers onboard and it’s also quite expensive. Luckily in this day and age, getting a hold of a good exercise routine is only a couple of searches away. Whether you’re looking for a Super-Detailed 5x5 Routine or a No-Equipment Workout at Home – there are literally thousands of various programs online, you just have to make the effort and find one that fits your needs.

So let’s say you managed to find a routine that works perfectly for you. That’s it, job done? Not quite. Your workout routine needs to become a part of your schedule. Here are some easy ways to easily incorporate it into your day:

  • Print it Out
    In fact, print out several copies. Keep them on your work desk, in your car, in your work bag. If you’re having trouble finding motivation, always keeping an eye on what you need to work on will help maintain motivation & drive.
  • Know What You're Doing
    You have to be aware of every single exercise within your routine. Remember – incorrectly doing an exercise can lead to health issues or even injuries. If you can’t find an answer online, ask a more experienced person at your gym, they’ll be glad to help.
  • Plan For Tomorrow
    If you’ve got an early gym workout the following day, make sure to study all of the exercises that you need to do beforehand. Getting to the gym in the early hours is hard enough, you don’t want to spend your first 10 minutes figuring out exactly what you have to work on.

The final point is especially important. If you wake up already knowing what’s in store, it will be much easier to go ahead and make it happen. It will be much harder to procrastinate or postpone your workout since there will be much less incentives keeping you from actually making it happen. Pair that with a healthy wake-up and you’ll quickly find that your grueling morning workouts quickly turn into eagerly awaited bursts of morning productivity.



For many of us an early morning workout routine sounds like an incredibly backbreaking way to start one’s day. Waking up for anything requires determination and persistence, but going to these lengths only to find yourself, half awake and miserable, trying to at least get through with your cardio – that’s a scary thought that often turns people away from working out early. But look at it this way – by waking up earlier and being more productive with your time you aren’t taking away anything from your day, on the contrary, you’re adding productivity. And while waking up early sucks at first, adjusting that with an earlier sleep time, slightly better eating habits & a fitter, healthier body is definitely worthwhile in the long run.


Alarm off, Workout clothes on, Running shoes tied, Hair up, Let's go!


And as great as long lasting gains sound, it’s also very useful to reward yourself with small mini-prizes along the way. Are you a big fan of tasty treats? Reward yourself with a delicious & nutritious granola bar on your way to the gym – you’ll get a boost of energy and a tasty snack all in one. Or replace that with a freshly blended smoothie, another great source of important vitamins & healthy sugars.

Another surefire way of improving your morning working motivation is correct mental preparation. Trying to pack your gym bag & trying to remember every item you might need for the upcoming day is a pain, especially when you’re doing it at 6:30AM with eyes only half-open. Not to mention that it will probably take you 3 times as long as doing it the night before. Make sure your gym clothes are freshly washed & nicely packed, remember to take an extra pair of socks, deodorant, towel, all the things that you keep forgetting during the morning struggle. You only need to it for 2 weeks tops before it becomes a routine that you start sticking to without even having to think about it.

And if all of this hasn’t been enough to convince you of the benefits of a balanced, early-morning workout, there’s 1 more piece of undeniable evidence to support it – statistical data. According to, Harvard Business Review and a multitude of other sources, starting your day early has a direct impact on personal success. Whether it’s a more level-headed work day, a fitter body or improved personal health, it’s simply impossible to deny the overwhelming positive effects that exercising early has for every individual.