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Top home workout equipment, with many fitness studios and gyms still closed due to the pandemic, it's critical to locate the most delicate at-home workout equipment for your specific area, home workout essentials, ones that can help you move and exercise at home without falling behind on your fitness objectives.

While some of us can still exercise outside safely—that is, we can follow social distance norms on our walks, runs, or bike rides—many of us live in places where crowds make outdoor cardio impossible. On the other hand, some folks can go outside safely, but those kinds of activities aren't their thing.

As a result, their living rooms (or bedrooms, basements, or a little square of open space in their flats) have become temporary training locations and home gyms for many individuals. And if that describes your scenario, chances are you don't have a lot of leeways to experiment.

Recommended Home Gym Equipment


You should get a mat if you want to get in shape at home. A yoga mat or a jump mat is our recommendation. The latter is a bit thicker and is suitable for more strenuous activities such as plyometrics and core work. 

There's also the issue of where to put your mat. It is possible to make it work if you have enough space in your bedroom. However, experts advise you to attempt to make the living room a fitness place and leave the bedroom for sleeping. We suggest transforming your living room into a training area. You may change your living room into a home gym with a few simple adjustments. 

It is best to move large pieces of furniture to the side of the room, leaving enough space to place a yoga mat on the floor. It may be a great place to work out, especially if you prefer to exercise while binge-watching Netflix. The only downside is if you have roommates, this may be a little more difficult.

If you enjoy playing video games while hammering your core on a mat, check out Stealth. It's a core-destroyer into which you can throw your phone and play interactive games while you plank. It's also really challenging (at first), but that only adds to the satisfaction.

On the other hand, you should position the jump mat in a location that provides for a wide range of motion. If you have been working out from home for the better part of a decade practically every day, you should get a jump mat for more challenging exercises and other plyometric regimens.

Basic Workout Equipment

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are another essential piece of equipment that should be in every home gym. Resistance bands are crucial in an apartment gym since they take up very little space and are highly adaptable and cost-efficient. They are available in a range of resistance levels, from very low to quite heavy, ensuring that you will always have a choice to push yourself.

You may use resistance bands in place of weights. You can do weightlifting sessions with resistance bands. Regardless of what workout you prefer, make sure you have a planned routine that covers all regions of the body, rather than performing a few sets of bicep curls or lunges here and there. The best thing about resistance bands is that it is easy to find online or at your local store. If you have a door that can handle the weight, this is the one piece of equipment we would strongly recommend for a full-body exercise.

Jump Rope

Every apartment gym needs a nice licorice jump rope. It is performant, lightweight, and suitable for both beginners and expert users. You can use it every day to augment exercises and keep your feet moving on days when you may not be able to do a complete workout. 

If you consider yourself experienced, we won't go into too much detail about what sort of jump rope you should purchase because they're all so similar. It would be beneficial if you based it on your preference.


If you're tired of doing bodyweight workouts all day, a set of dumbbells is what you need. They're undoubtedly one of the best to invest with, and after working out, you can put them beneath your bed. Dumbbells will allow you and your workout buddy to go light or heavy.

Suppose you're wondering why we recommend adjustable weights. In that case, they are the easiest method to continually push the body from session to workout to adding additional load and importance to the activity. 

If you have the extra space to store dumbbells, there is a wide selection of adjustable weights to choose from.

Pull-Up Bar

If you're new to pull-ups, you'll probably want to give up after setting up the bar and pumping out... one. But persevere! Pull-ups are an excellent method to strengthen your upper body and core, and the more you do them, the quicker you'll notice benefits. 

You may readily connect a pull-up bar to the frame of your door without taking up any of your valuable floor space. You'll be in shape in no time if you do a pull-up every time you walk by it. You can set up a bar, and you can do one every time we go out for water or a snack. The pull-up bar is one of the basics for a complete home gym.


Because of its size and usefulness, a kettlebell is also a convenient piece of equipment in your home gym. It can be conveniently stored and quickly taken out when you need cardio activities. It's never a bad idea to pick up a kettlebell and swing. Kettlebells provide full-body toning and may be used to supplement aerobic exercises. For strength and endurance, you should generally use a 15lb kettlebell. You can find adjustable kettlebells from 8lbs up to 40lbs.

Workout Bench

An exercise bench is strong enough that you can jump on it. You can place it atop the jump mats to complete our home gym. While the exercise bench is not necessary for all fitness regimens, it is critical for our weightlifting workouts. 

You can get a fantastic workout without a bench, but if you have space, integrating weight training may shake up your entire routine. You can purchase it if it's ideal for your requirements. When you need it, you can pull it out and swiftly assemble it, and when you're through, it folds down and goes quickly under your bed. It all goes down to how much space you have and how much storage capacity you have. 

The Takeaway

When you work out inside your home, the simplest change you can make to your fitness regimen is waking up early and doing some cardio. It would be best to do it before you eat breakfast to rev up your metabolism.

A decent place to start building a home gym is by exploring your alternatives. Many types of equipment may be beneficial but not necessary. A lot of equipment is excellent, but it is not required. But if you have money to burn, these pieces of equipment will surely help you with all your workout routines. 

You can use more pieces of equipment if you have special needs (for example, a medicine ball or a stability ball), but the recommendations above should be more than enough to get you started. We know how tough it may be to start thinking of your home area as your gym – especially if your gym habit has stagnated. However, dedicating only 20 minutes each day to stretching, lifting, or jumping will surely pay off. We suggest putting on a backpack and adding weights (for squats, lunges, and so on) – whether that's bottles of water, tins of soup, or bricks. 

We believe that the most enjoyable aspect of working out can be creative with your routines. And for the majority of us who are locked indoors, there is nothing but time to let our creativity flow.